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Klett production – Best chocolate quality from Baden-Württemberg!
From liquid chocolate to the high-quality final product, prepared for shipment in safety packaging:

Highly motivated and qualified employees and best raw materials are the qualification for tasty, healthy and high-quality chocolate products. You will find all in the brand “Klett”.

The strict hygiene and quality measures, documented by IFS Version 6 (Higher Level), insure the consumer to buy  a high-quality product.

We produce different items in a fabrication area of about 5.000 square meter.
Hollow chocolate figures, solid figures and bars on efficient high technical production lines.

Now we build additional approx. 1.600 m² fabrication area ready in spring 2011.

In 2006 we enlarged our manufacturing facility with a production line for filled products. At the moment our assortment is balls, bars with different fillings and ingredients.

In October 2012, we opened a new building with large warehouse and test market.

We pack our products in vertically and horizontal printed tubular bags, in printed aluminiumfoil and in double twist foil.

All the chocolate-decoration with different chocolates and the equipment of the figures are carefully handmade.

We can realize special customer enquiries.

Reliability, quality and flexibility are our brandmarks, in order to provide best service to our partners and customers to ensure satisfaction.

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